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  • ESG Readiness Health Check

    Aurora’s ESG Readiness Health Check is a tailored, short duration study to validate current thinking, right-course existing initiatives and plan for successful delivery of the ESG strategy.

    pdf, 690.98 kB

  • Target Operating Model Design

    A detailed activity to design and shape a client’s target business around People, Process, Data, Technology & Location.

    pdf, 528.07 kB

  • CLM Technology Selection

    A set of activities to assist the Financial Services Organisation in selecting the right technology or combination of technology to achieve their strategic objectives.

    pdf, 552.88 kB

  • Data Strategy & Provisioning Health Check

    Get a rapid, independent assessment of your data strategy and approach to provisioning, with a review of everything from data source integrations and how that data is validated, to identifying the steps towards achieving accurate and consistent data and full regulatory compliance across the enterprise.

    pdf, 483.49 kB

  • Document Management Health Check

    Aurora’s Document Management Health Check provides a rapid assessment of your approach todocument management today and create a roadmap to a fully optimised customer journey.

    pdf, 485.08 kB

  • CLM Health Check

    Get the project off on the right footing: A tailored, short duration study to validate current thinking and plan for successful delivery of the strategy.

    pdf, 567.66 kB

  • Technology Health Check

    A detailed study to get you on track to implement Reg-Tech or CLM technology solution. Focusing on the design of your target state operating model, policy framework and data services to ensure a rapid delivery, avoiding the common obstacles and weaknesses of Reg-Tech projects.

    pdf, 456.4 kB

  • Fenergo SaaS Support Service

    Our Fenergo SaaS support service is designed to give you the flexibility you need to achieve your business goals.

    pdf, 892.37 kB




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Aurora is a London-based consultancy with specialist knowledge in banking operations, middle office enablement, and Client Lifecycle Management technology. We help financial institutions and software companies deliver material change.

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