Content strategy for a 'RegTech100' CLM solution

This UK-based CLM technology approached Aurora to leverage the team's CLM expertise in order to understand the market landscape, speak the language of senior executives, and drive awareness of how their solution solves the problems of banks.

Key Facts


Engaged through refreshed sales & marketing strategy


Collected through research facilitated by Aurora


Years of collaboration

The Approach

Aurora originally began working with this client in 2018. Since then, the team have shared key industry insights that have allowed them to approach prospects and build their market presence in a more targeted, impactful way. Aurora continue to deliver original marketing content, strategy and thought leadership on an ongoing basis. 

The Service

Strategy & Content

Drive increased engagement, awareness, and sales. Get the tools
you need to describe your difference, taking customers on the right journey with your organisation.

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The Team

  • Joshua Dent

    Delivery Lead
    ESG Ambassador

  • Matthew Benham

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Sean Vickers

    Chief Executive Officer

"Aurora has given us the insight we needed to change the way we look and sound to our customers."

Ben Marsh
Chief Executive, iMeta


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