Drive increased engagement, awareness, and sales. Get the tools you need to describe your difference, taking customers on the right journey with your organisation.

When your need is

To Attract

When you want more people to know about your product, drive engagement and communicate with your target audience online.

To Win

Build a strategy that turns your online marketing activities into warm leads, growing the sales pipeline, and improving marketing ROI.

How does it help you?

  • Get the attention of your target customer with visually engaging, thought-provoking online content
  • Get close to your target customers, open new channels for conversation, and give yourself the opportunities you need sell your solution
  • Increase your online following and appeal, with regular, engaging, relevant and refreshed content
  • Improve the quality of conversations with your customers by speaking in terminology they understand

The Team

  • Joshua Dent

    Delivery Lead
    ESG Ambassador

  • Matthew Benham

    Chief Technology Officer


Case Studies

Content strategy for a 'RegTech100' CLM solution

This UK-based CLM technology approached Aurora to leverage the team's CLM expertise in order to understand the market landscape, speak the language of senior executives, and drive awareness of how their solution solves the problems of banks.


Years of collaboration

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How RegTechs get it so wrong

Aurora’s Regulatory Technology (RegTech) Delivery Lead Joshua Dent discusses the challenges for the RegTech sector and how solution providers can overcome these to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive market.

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Joshua Dent

Delivery Lead
ESG Ambassador

14 July 2022

Why is everyone talking about ESG?

Aurora’s ESG Experts Joshua Dent and Cerys Stone explore why everyone seems to be talking about ESG, and what it means for you, the Financial Services, and the RegTech community.

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Cerys Stone

Business Analyst
ESG Ambassador

Joshua Dent

Delivery Lead
ESG Ambassador

14 June 2022


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