Repositioned a global RegTech to speak the language of their customers

One of the largest global RegTechs found they were losing out to competitors in the RFI/RFP process but were unclear why. We identified that their current messaging resonated with tech but not front office or senior budget holders.

Key Facts


Buying personas qualified


End-to-end sales journey mapped


Regions aligned on sales messaging

The Approach

The Aurora team worked with seniors across sales, pre-sales, and Industry teams to develop persona-aligned messaging, which highlighted key differentiators in an outcome-based way. 'Wow' messaging was developed in an online, collaborative environment, engaging stakeholder from around the world.  It resulted in a cultural shift in how the organisation approaches communication with prospects.

The Service

Positioning & Narrative

Create impact with your target buyer. Get the insight needed to change the way you look and sound to your customers, and ultimately win more business.

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The Team

  • Sean Vickers

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Matthew Benham

    Chief Technology Officer


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