Target operating model design & delivery for a global fund administrator

Current client onboarding system was inefficient and fragmented, leading to longer processing times and inconsistent data. The system resulted in manual processes and a poor customer experience. There was an urgent need to automate their onboarding journey and enhance customer interactions.

Key Facts


Business lines




Centralised policy

The Approach

Mapped the current state operating model and defined the requirements around key areas before the design of a future state operating model, which aligned 5 regions and 32 jurisdictions. Configuration was tailored to match the policy and process requirements of the organisation and multiple integrations were delivered across a number of domain areas. The result was streamlined onboarding processes through reduced handovers, a consistent policy, simplified compliance and reduced customer touchpoints.

The Service

Technology & Data Readiness

Prepare your organisation for the implementation of your chosen platform or managed service, reducing configuration and long delivery times.

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The Team

  • Kamile Survilaite


  • Matt Mellor

    Business Analyst
    Innovation Ambassador


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