Technology & Data Readiness

Prepare your organisation for the implementation of your chosen platform or managed service, reducing configuration and long delivery times.

When you need

To Design

You want to ensure the new technology you’ve chosen fits within your strategic technology blueprint.

To Consolidate

Understand which components can be replaced and which must be maintained. Your data mastering strategy across them will be key.

How does it help you?

  • Prepare your policies, processes and people for the implementation of new Regulatory Technology
  • Align your operating model to that of your chosen technology suite, ensuring that configuration effort is minimised
  • Reduce cost and delivery effort by maximising use of ‘out of the box’ functionality
  • Understand the specific challenges and get early resolution of any potential roadblocks
  • Flesh-out your data strategy, understanding how and where critical data will be held to maximise reuse across your organisation

The Team

  • Matthew Benham

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Jiwan Laly

    Chief Operating Officer

Downloads & Resources

  • Data Strategy & Provisioning Health Check

    Get a rapid, independent assessment of your data strategy and approach to provisioning, with a review of everything from data source integrations and how that data is validated, to identifying the steps towards achieving accurate and consistent data and full regulatory compliance across the enterprise.

    pdf, 483.49 kB

  • Technology Healthcheck

    A detailed study to get you on track to implement Reg-Tech or CLM technology solution. Focusing on the design of your target state operating model, policy framework and data services to ensure a rapid delivery, avoiding the common obstacles and weaknesses of Reg-Tech projects.

    pdf, 456.4 kB

  • ESG Readiness Health Check

    Aurora’s ESG Readiness Health Check is a tailored, short duration study to validate current thinking, right-course existing initiatives and plan for successful delivery of the ESG strategy.

    pdf, 690.98 kB



Case Studies

Target operating model design & delivery for a global fund administrator

Current client onboarding system was inefficient and fragmented, leading to longer processing times and inconsistent data. The system resulted in manual processes and a poor customer experience. There was an urgent need to automate their onboarding journey and enhance customer interactions.


Centralised policy

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Programme design & mobilisation for a digital near real-time onboarding solution

The bank’s onboarding process for commercial clients was inefficient and costly, and the customer experience was falling behind that of fin-tech competitors. There was an urgent need to design a new onboarding and KYC process which could be performed in minutes not 10+ days.


Staff supported by the design

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Delivered a consistent business operating model for a Tier 2 global bank

The bank had an urgent need to resolve issues identified by the local regulator, largely related to inconsistent and incomplete regulatory and KYC information. 6 sites had local policies and local compliance. KYC, product and account data was held in multiple account systems.


FTE savings over 3 years

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