Programme design & mobilisation for a digital NRT onboarding solution

The bank’s onboarding process for commercial clients was inefficient and costly, and the customer experience was falling behind that of fin-tech competitors. There was an urgent need to design a new onboarding and KYC process which could be performed in minutes not 10+ days.

Key Facts


Weeks of discovery for digital onboarding solution


Risk & Compliance stakeholders signed off design


Staff supported by the design

The Approach

Aurora undertook discovery, secured funding and determined the roadmap for a digital NRT (near-real-time) onboarding solution supporting over 200 staff. This involved budget and cost planning, best-in-class onboarding design, and technology vendor assessment. This led to the funding and prioritisation approval of a multi-million pound cost-saving design. 

The Service

Technology & Data Readiness

Prepare your organisation for the implementation of your chosen platform or managed service, reducing configuration and long delivery times.

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The Team

  • Matthew Benham

    Chief Technology Officer


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