Empower your teams to gain credibility with your customers. Leverage Aurora’s extensive knowledge in financial services to enable teams to speak the language of your clients.

When your need is

To Influence

Gain credibility in discussions and negotiations with customers. Use their language, challenges, and examples to connect around their concerns and achieve win-win outcomes.

To Consult

Teams need to be upskilled with critical financial services knowledge, enabling them to engage senior stakeholders and speak the language of financial services professionals.

How does it help you?

  • Transfer critical Financial Services knowledge and capability held by Aurora’s industry experts throughout your organisation
  • Delegates gain a much deeper understanding of overall client expectations and personalities
  • Upskill R&D professionals with a much clearer, contextualised view of how your solution solvesthe problems for financial services organisations
  • Enable your teams to react quicker to change requests from the client, suggest more cost/time-effective solutions for business problems and provide contextual push back where necessary
  • Empower your technical staff to talk the same language as solutions consultants and ultimately the customer

The Team

  • Matthew Benham

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Jiwan Laly

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Sally Wyllie



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