Centralised operating model design for CIB within a Tier 2 global bank

Local regulator review identified inconsistent and incomplete KYC & Sanctions information. Local policies and local compliance with localised on-boarding model across 7 countries. Lack of agreement on which model best served the customer outcomes and banks strategy including a significant cost reduction.

Key Facts


Global policy framework built


Countries agreed to single KYC


Additional benefits identified

The Approach

The Aurora team conducted current state analysis on the global onboarding & KYC operating model before drafting a proposed approach and target state. This included benefits analysis, which identified an additional $6M on top of the existing business case from a move to a single global policy and centralised onboarding & KYC. The output enabled the senior sponsor to gain executive sign-off. 

The Service

People, Policy & Process Design

Drive the shape of your future state organisation, from people strategy and location to product process enhancements and team training.

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The Team

  • Jiwan Laly

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Joshua Dent

    Delivery Lead
    ESG Ambassador

  • Matthew Benham

    Chief Technology Officer


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Chief Operating Officer

16 May 2022