People, Policy & Process Design

Drive the shape of your future state organisation, from people strategy and location to product process enhancements and team training.

When you need

To Understand

You want to know what the industry is doing to design the right operating model and support regulatory alignment through process, policy and technology.

To Prepare

Set the strategy for your organisation design, know who will do what and where. Ensure your customer service is maintained while you automate and digitise your onboarding services.

How does it help you?

  • Build your organisation for growth, get the right people and processes in place and pave the way for technology
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of a technology-first approach (spiralling costs, analysis during build etc)
  • Have a clear, documented picture of your organisation and the activities needed to get to the target state
  • Standardise your policy, process and data to enable effective outsourcing or nearshoring
  • Understand the technology components you will need to make your target state a reality

The Team

  • Sally Taylor

    Partner & Co-Head of Delivery

  • Jiwan Laly

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Rebecca Grant

    Global Business Manager

  • Matthew Benham

    Chief Technology Officer

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Case Studies

Delivered a consistent business operating model for a Tier 2 global bank

The bank had an urgent need to resolve issues identified by the local regulator, largely related to inconsistent and incomplete regulatory and KYC information. 6 sites had local policies and local compliance. KYC, product and account data was held in multiple account systems.


FTE savings over 3 years

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Centralised operating model design for CIB within a Tier 2 global bank

Local regulator review identified inconsistent and incomplete KYC & Sanctions information. Local policies and local compliance with localised on-boarding model across 7 countries. Lack of agreement on which model best served the customer outcomes and banks strategy including a significant cost reduction.


Additional benefits identified

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Middle Office strategy delivery for an international Tier 1 bank

The bank had multiple policies and local procedures, and a cost base that could not be sustained. In parallel, the US regulator was monitoring the bank for significant improvements in the quality of AML data. Service levels had deteriorated compared to competitors.



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Data-driven Operating Models

Aurora’s COO Jiwan Laly on why the need for data begins right at the point an operating model is initiated.

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Jiwan Laly

Chief Operating Officer

16 May 2022


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