People and Process optimisation across CLM onboarding in Tier 2 Bank

The client wanted to increase their client base and improve customer experience, but had a disjointed process for onboarding, with inconsistency in how clients were onboarded, unclear roles and responsibilities F2B and governance being initiated at the wrong part of the process. We optimised all target processes, revised the governance, defined new Client Manager roles and clarified roles and responsibilities across the process. Introduced client welcome packs, and defined approach for centralising documentation to reduce internal email traffic.

Key Facts


Days over-run. Delivered in 8 months.


MSIIs (managed self-identified issues) identified & actioned


Relationship Bankers' time saved

The Approach

Aurora process-mapped all current state processes F2B across the CLM journey, identified gaps and risks, revised and mapped all target processes to optimise and streamline, across Front office and Operations. In addition, we revised their governance focusing on decision makers making decisions at the right point in the process. This eliminated duplication, clearly defined roles and ensured clients gets the best experience when onboarding.

The Service

People, Policy & Process Design

Drive the shape of your future state organisation, from people strategy and location to product process enhancements and team training.

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The Team

  • Sally Wyllie


  • Rohan Toor

    Business Analyst

  • Rebecca Grant

    Delivery Lead


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