CLM Technology Delivery

Delivery of your technology solution end-to-end, from platform configuration to integrations with data at the core of your RegTech solution.

When you need

To Implement

Our approach is to ensure we configure a platform that is aligned to your broader ambitions and your overarching strategy.

To Automate

We understand how to deliver your outcomes while making the best use of the technology you’ve invested in. Using digital platforms to enhance customer experience is front of mind.

How does it help you?

  • An experienced team of senior leaders and developers to configure your CLM platform
  • Solution delivery to support integrations to existing systems if required
  • Deep CLM knowledge to ensure the configuration is aligned to industry norms, including how to deliver global policy & regulations
  • Experience in providing customer-focused digital solutions
  • We challenge to ensure the configuration will enable best use of industry tools and new technology
  • A deep relationship with all of the key RegTech providers ensure you have access to insights about the product and an immediate route for escalations

The Team

  • Matthew Benham

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Jiwan Laly

    Chief Operating Officer


Case Studies

Designed & delivered a digital onboarding journey for a global fund administrator

The client had an urgent need for simplification of compliance to allow for future expansion to other jurisdictions. Aurora delivered tailored configuration to simplify their customer onboarding process and enhance their clients' experience through the integration of a customer portal.


End-to-end customer journeys

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Target operating model design & delivery for a global fund administrator

Current client onboarding system was inefficient and fragmented, leading to longer processing times and inconsistent data. The system resulted in manual processes and a poor customer experience. There was an urgent need to automate their onboarding journey and enhance customer interactions.


Centralised policy

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